7 11 Male Enhancement he Spaniards heads were cased in iron, but that the 7 11 Male Enhancement lower part of their bodies were exposed, they took aim at their legs, and many were thus severely wounded. The Admiral, seeing a village 7 11 Male Enhancement near 7 11 Male Enhancement at hand, and fancying that by destroying it the enemy would be overawed, 7 11 Male Enhancement sent a part of his men to burn it down. This they did, but being set upon by an overwhelming force, two were killed, while the rest were compelled t.o retreat. In the meantime, another body of savages attacking the Admiral and his remaining followers now reduced to seven or eight men he himself was wounded in the leg by an arrow, and he was repeatedly struck on the head by stones. Twice his helmet was 7 11 Male Enhancement knocked off, and his temple was wounded by a lance thrust between the bars of his visor. At length his sword arm was disabled, and he could no longer defend himself. He called on his men to retreat, and, fighting round him, they made their way to the shore, hoping to get on board the boats, which were still at some distance. In vain the boats rowed in to his rescue. He was already in deep water, when, wou

nded in the leg, he fell on his face. Recovering himself, he turned several times as if imploring the assistance of his companions but, terror stricken, they wer. e endeavouring to reach the boats, and a 7 11 Male Enhancement crowd of savages rushing on, quickly dispatched him, and dragged off his dead body. The Rajah of Zebut coming up for the fight had taken place some ejaculoid male enhancement distance from the boats rescued the survivors. Of the whole party who had landed, eight were killed with their leader, and twenty two were wounded. The result of the battle had an effect very disastrous to the Spaniards on the minds of their converts, whom they at first were inclined to look upon as superior beings, 7 11 Male Enhancement 7 11 Male Enhancement but now learned to despise. Thus memory brain supplement ignominiously perished, 7 11 Male Enhancement on the very eve penis pump buy online of success, 7 11 Male Enhancement the justly celebrated mariner, Fernando de Magalhaens, ever to be remembered as the discoverer of the blue magnum male enhancement passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and who, had he lived, would have been the first circumnavigator of the 7 11 Male Enhancement globe. He. must not be judged grow a bigger dick by the present standard. His religion was 7 11 Male Enhancement bigotry and gross idolatry, an

7 11 Male Enhancement

d his last act, for which he paid the penalty of his life, was utterly unjustifiable. Don Juan Serrano, having become leader of the expedition, in vain endeavoured to recover the body of the Admiral by making 7 11 Male Enhancement the most tempting offers to the Rajah of Matan, who was, however, too highly pleased with the trophy of victory 7 11 Male Enhancement he had obtained to restore it. It was no wonder, also, that the new religion at once fell into contempt among the recent converts, while the Rajah of Zebut was anxious to make friends with his rival of Matan. Instigated by the interpreter Enrique, the Rajah of Zebut formed a plan for treacherously destroying the Spaniards, hoping thus to get possession of their ships and the rich cargoes they contained. Concea.ling his designs under the guise of friendship, he invited all the officers, and as many of the 7 11 Male Enhancement people as could come, to a banquet which he had prepared for them. Fancying that they should receive a 7 11 Male Enhancement valuable present of jewels, which he had expressed an intention of sending to the Emperor, they accepted the invitation. 7 11 Male Enhancement A party of thirty four ac

cordingly landed, but as they were proceeding to the Rajah s palace, two of their number, Juan male stamina products Carvalho and Sebastian del Cano, pilots, suspecting from certain signs that something was amiss, returned to the boats and pulled back to the ships. Scarcely had they got on board when fearful 7 11 Male Enhancement shrieks and shouts and clashing penis enlarge machine of arms were heard, as if men were engaged in desperate fight, and they saw several of their companions come rushing down towards the shore. They immediately br. ought the broadsides of the ships to bear on the town, and ron white male enhancement mention began firing their guns in the hopes of driving back the savages. The boron and testosterone 7 11 Male Enhancement fugitives were quickly overtaken. Some were struck down others were seized, among whom was Don Juan Serrano. He 7 11 Male Enhancement was dragged, bound hand and foot, to the 7 11 Male Enhancement water s what is priamax male enhancement edge. He shouted to his countrymen to desist from firing and to rescue him. The natives told him that he should be delivered up if the 7 11 Male Enhancement Spaniards would 7 11 Male Enhancement 7 11 Male Enhancement supply them with artillery and ammunition. This they would have done, but the cunning savages first wished to get the guns into their hands, hoping afterwards